I love working one-on-one with poets—on individual poems or larger projects—at any stage in their careers, just starting out or needing a fresh pair of eyes for a second or third manuscript-in-progress. I’m a sensitive
and supportive reader, and I prefer a light touch, trusting that you know what you’re doing and don’t need someone to completely rewrite your poems. But I will also push you to go beyond your perceived limitations—to explore new subjects, new emotional and intellectual terrain, new formal possibilities, new ways of looking at both your work and your world. I can offer guidance in structuring, editing, and revising chapbook or
full-length manuscripts, as well as close readings of individual poems. I may also suggest poets for us to
read together.

I use a combination of phone, mail, and email. Please call me at 720 345-4385 or email me at john.brehm1@gmail.com to discuss working together and my rates for such work.



“I'm tremendously grateful to John Brehm who has, over the last decade, become a cherished mentor to me in the craft of poetry. Whether providing line-by-line feedback on a single poem or reviewing a larger body of work such as a book-length manuscript, John offers insights as grounded in experience as in intellect. His rare intuition and depth of heart guide the process of uncovering and cultivating a poem's most fundamental qualities. John knows how to hone a poet's vision, how to use techniques of craft in service of a unique voice. There's no one that I trust more to give perceptive, constructive feedback on my writing.”

—Radha Marcum

“I can think of no one who has inspired me more as a teacher. John's palpable love for poetry and poets has opened doors for me that I believed closed forever. His gentle manner somehow allows everyone to be where they are, but still pushes us to speak our opinions and risk our own material. Many teachers do this, but John is the fortunate possessor of some kind of gift that allows a very deep connection, one that comes from the heart. I worked with John privately for a time and he pushed me way beyond what I had been writing for many, many years. What a wonderful experience!”

—Shirley Sullivan

“John’s love of language and his mastery of poetry are evident in every course he teaches. Over the past forty years, I have studied and worked with faculty at Wellesley, Brandeis, Vassar, Sarah Lawrence, the City University of New York, the University of New Mexico, the University of California at Santa Barbara and Lighthouse Writers Workshops and can say without hesitation that John is one of the most gifted and sensitive teachers I have ever encountered.”

—Joan Manheimer